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It's been emotional

The 10 Most Wanted initiative has now ended and the website is being archived for posterity. The project partners are grateful to Nesta for funding 10 Most Wanted and extend a huge 'Thanks' all those who contributed their knowledge and opinions.

Do keep in touch by visiting the website of the Museum of Design in Plastics at


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Survey Group

There are many decisions that need to be made when developing a website. For much of the time the answers are objective, rational and obvious, so we just make our choices and get on with it. The problem comes with more subjective issues, where viewing things from the heart of the process can distort our perspective leaving us poorly qualified to make choices.

To help us in these situations we call on the wisdom of our Survey Group.

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The partners meet at MoDiP

The project partners held a project meeting at the Museum of Design in Plastics on Thursday 29th August.

Susan and her colleagues kindly arranged for some excellent weather and a display by the Red Arrows - nothing to do with Bournemouth Air Show being the same day. In the photograph below, enjoying the sunshine and arranged according to colour and pattern are, in black and white, Pam Langdown and Susan Lambert, in chequered shirts, Louise Dennis, Marcus Winter and Phil Blume.

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2nd UX meeting with Danny Hope

Like the first User Experience meeting a month earlier, this one was held at our base at The Regency Town House and was again with Danny Hope. Danny, looking more rabbinical by the day, is pictured below practicing the laying-on of hands at the end of our morning session.

Danny standing behind a white board that is partly covered with notes from our morning session

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1st UX meeting with Danny Hope

The first User Experience meeting of the project was held here in Brighton on 9th July in the yet-to-be-restored drawing room of our base at The Regency Town House heritage centre.

Danny Hope sitting on the floor in front of a whiteboard in an unrestored drawing room.

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Workshop: outsider's view

The aim was to get an outsider's view of the project and of the website that would be at the heart of it. Specifically, I wanted to understand better what a visitor might expect to find when they first land on the site, how to explain the project very simply and how to engage the user as quickly as possible.

The 1st Workshop, with a group of three students.

This first workshop was intended to be a short, spontaneous session with the aim of introducing the group to the project and to get some basic ideas down on paper.