The partners meet at MoDiP

Phil Blume's picture

The project partners held a project meeting at the Museum of Design in Plastics on Thursday 29th August.

Susan and her colleagues kindly arranged for some excellent weather and a display by the Red Arrows - nothing to do with Bournemouth Air Show being the same day. In the photograph below, enjoying the sunshine and arranged according to colour and pattern are, in black and white, Pam Langdown and Susan Lambert, in chequered shirts, Louise Dennis, Marcus Winter and Phil Blume.

Photo of five project members, three sitting on a bench and two standing behind, in the grounds of MoDiP in Bournemouth

We used the meeting to discuss aspects of the website design and layout, the processes in the website and, in particular, how the dialogue between players and curators would be managed.

Here are some of the outcomes.

The Facebook block on the home page and artefact pages currently displays an unlimited numbers of posts. This needs to be limited to a specific number before it becomes too long, with a link to 'see all posts'.

The users' Facebook login should be connected with the 10most website login.
The commenting feature on the artefact pages will be used by administrators to highlight key discoveries in the search for information. There are five reasons for doing this:

1. It summarises the key discoveries, avoiding the need for players to sift through all the posts in a Facebook narrative to work it out for themselves.

2. Hyperlinking the username of the players who contributed to the discoveries can be used as a counter to determine the ranking and roles of the players.

3. Players without Facebook accounts can email their ideas to the curators who would post them on their behalf using the comment box. 

4. The Facebook group narrative can be filtered to remove unnecessary comments before being stored in Dthe 10most website database.

5. The essential evidence trail is preserved in the 10most website database regardless of the continuity of the existence of the Facebook feed.
A player's postcode is used currently to determine their geographical position on the user map. This pinpoints a player's location to within just a few buildings, which may deter some from volunteering the information. As an alternative, we will consider enabling players to drop a pin on a map to show their general location instead.

The blog is currently restricted to the website administrators. We will consider enabling players with a track record of positive contributions to use the blog to share their experiences.