Solved Cases

Solved by the testimony of a designer who worked at Ekco when Wells Coates was still connected with the firm. Read the full story here.

Solved in one! Find out who designed it, when, and where, here.

We wanted to know who designed it and when. Personal testimony provided the answer. Have a look here to get the full picture.

Interesting story: this type of figure was conceived in Denmark in 1959 by Thomas Dam.  Dam's patent was thought to be flawed and copies were made by other companies. Our little figures were the product of Russ Berrie & Co of Oakland, N.J., USA. See the full story here.

With the World Cup fast approaching we wanted to find out whose breakthrough it was to construct the ball from 14 rather than the traditional 32 panels. You can find the answer here.

The patent gave us the name of the designer (we think) and the date of the design. You can see the full story here.

We wanted to know who designed it and when. A multitude of images were contributed that helped us answer both questions. Have a look here.

We wanted to know who the designer was and the years of its production.

We were put in touch with the founder of the company, he provided the context for it and told us who the designer was  but couldn't be precise about the dates of production. To find out more have a look here.