Advisory Group

Sarah Gibbings, a professional journalist who also sits on the committee of the Regency Society, keepers of the Gray Collection, an archive of photographs of the streets and houses of Brighton & Hove.

Anne Lyles, formerly a curator at Tate Britain, with expertise in 18th and 19th century landscape painting.

David Saywell, Head of Digital Programmes, National Portrait Gallery.

Jill Seddon, recently retired from her position of Academic Progamme Leader for the courses in the history of art and design at University of Brighton and currently on the project team of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association’s National Recording Project.

Margaret Timmers, formerly Head of Prints and currently a Monument Fellow at the V&A, leader of the ACE funded Posters Subject Specialist network.

John Whitaker, Museums Curatorial and Collections Officer, Sport and Culture, Wakefield Council.