Documents and reports relating to the project are listed and linked here.

Final project report

The Final Project Report (408KB pdf) is all about everything.

Technical report

The Technical Report, (4MB pdf) a look behind the scenes at how the website works.

Curator guidelines

 A ‘how-to-do-it guide’ for curators managing the 10 Most Wanted website can be accessed here (200KB pdf).

Research reports

Literature review 
A literature review of game-based crowdsourcing resulting in design recommendations 

IP model review 
A review of IP models and common practices in crowdsourcing projects

IP survey 
A survey of museum visitors' views on IP related issues

IP Template 
Customisable Terms and Conditions based on 10 Most Wanted  

Expert review 
Expert review of the 10 Most Wanted website (formative)

Player survey 
Empirical evaluation of the 10 Most Wanted website by actual and potential players (formative)

Curator survey 
Professional's views on the developed game, website and IP model

Topical object study
Empirical study testing the effectiveness of topical objects to raise engagement levels

Publications and Presentations

Winter, M., Lambert, S. and Blume, P. (2014). 10 Most Wanted: Hunting down missing information about cultural artefacts. Presentation at UKMW13 ‘Power to the people’, Tate Modern, London, 15 November 2013. [Slides available here

Winter, M., Lambert, S. and Blume, P. (2014). Collaborative mystery solving in museum collections. Poster, presentation and podium discussion at the AHRC Creative Economy Showcase 2014, London, 12 March 2014. [Poster available here]

Winter, M., Lambert, S., Blume, P. and Pemberton, L. (2014). Case Notes: Turning crowdsourced information into evidence trails for collection metadata. In Proc. Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts 2014. [Pre-print available here]

Teachers' resources

D & T KS2 Teachers' notes: /sites/

D& T KS2 Students' worksheet: /sites/

ICT KS3 Teachers'notes: /sites/

ICT KS3 Students' worksheet: /sites/