Points & Prizes

Earning points

Points are awarded when an agent makes a contribution that merits a Special Mention in the Case Notes. The quality of contribution is important, as is collaboration and teamwork.

These are some of the ways to earn a Special Mention:

  • Finding wanted information.
  • Providing contextual information or images for featured objects.
  • Providing personal stories relating to featured objects.
  • Recruiting people who contribute to finding wanted information.

Five points earn a Silver Star and:

  • Promotion from Field Agent to Special Agent.
  • Personalised certificate acknowledging your achievement.
  • An invitation to the 10 Most Wanted get-together, where you will meet the objects (and be given free white gloves with which to handle them), other agents and HQ staff, to share and reflect on your experiences of the project. Cake included.

Ten more points earn a Gold Star and:

  • Promotion from Special Agent to Chief Agent.
  • Personalised certificate acknowledging your achievement.
  • A written account of your outstanding achievements - could be useful as a reference.
  • The opportunity to support HQ Staff by blogging and managing cases.
  • An extra-large slice of cake at the 10 Most Wanted get-together.

Lasting fame

Your Special Mentions will be preserved indefinitely in Case Notes and become part of the permanent record for the MoDiP collection, so you become as immortal as the artefacts themselves!