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Case: Plastalux Desk Lammp PHSL : 153

This useful article:  Guenter Lattermann, Die Dellsche Phenoplast-Leutche, in 'Bakelit100. Kunstoffe aus Erkner erobern di Welt', Freundskries Chemie-Museum Erkner, Erkner 2009, s. 44-47 (Katalog zur Ausstellung des Freundeskreises Chemie-Museum, Erkner) can be downloaded here.

Case: Cup and Saucer PHSL : 345

This cup and saucer is featured in an early Bandalasta Ware catalogue which you can see here: /sites/10most.org.uk/files/Bandalasta%20catalogue.pdf. It has been downloaded from a very useful site about Bandalasta: http://www.applecroft.co.uk/bandalasta/.

Case: Ekco Radio AIBDC : 006891

David Harman Powell was a young designer at Ecko in the 1940s. Read about his memories of Wells Coates here.


Case: Military Lamp PHSL: 182

An account of how it was used submitted by Ian Holdsworth.

Download the file here.

Case: Salad Servers AIBDC : 003361

The story of Erinoid submitted by Rupert Radcliffe

Download the file here.

Case: Ice bucket and tongs AIBDC : 0_6445

Case report by Adele Schaverein
Download the file here: (32KB PDF)

Excelplas analysis report|
Download the file here: (192KB PDF)


Case: Inkwell AIBDC : 005043


Case: Electric hot water bottle PHSL : 3

Patent for the internal heating tube.


Case: Stair carpet clips AIBDC : 005528

Rosemary Phillips sent us two chapters from her book, Sliced Bread, in which she refers to her grandfather, the inventor Ernest Harrison.

Slice 4 - In Search of Ernest   (download 64KB rich text file)

Slice 7 - Finding Ernest   (download 44KB rich text file)


Case: Large cocktail shaker PHSL : 341

A photograph of a page from Grace's Guide.

A page from Grace's Guide showing the registered address of Lawson and Raphael Clarke

Lawson Clarke  Raphael Clarke

Lawson Clarke (left) and Raphael Clarke (right).



Cocktail shaker leaflet cover: on the front six cocktail shakers in different colours, on the back a man in white tie pouring a cocktail for a lady.

Early marketing leaflet


Case: Midwinter tea set AIBDC: 0_6619

Testimony from David Harman Powell
I was the third man alongside Woody & John Vale when this was designed. Handle needed to take the very high moulding pressure & be stress free.
Roy Midwinter had seen the big success that Melamine tableware had in the USA 50% of the market & via Streetly ( BIP ) asked Woody & John Vale to base their designs on his best selling ceramic range Quartic shape for plates & saucers.

The cup shapes & saucers are almost identical when compared with the ceramic ware, the big problem was the handle, & this required at the time complex tooling of the moulds to achieve a acceptable looking handle. Initial production was for a single colour cup , later changed to more costly two colours , This was a result of the success of my Ranton design , the first two colour melamine cup , Midwinter, Ranton, & Brookes & Adams, all used BIP standard melamine colours. which was vogue in the mid 50's , strong, which showed the superior finish , when compared to UF .The white inner did eventually in most cases show up the fine scratches , sugar & spoons coffee tea stains , Its good that after 55 years so many are still around


Case: Whirley milk jug AIBDC : 0_6407

Whirley-DrinkWorks! is a family owned and operated manufacturer in Warren, PA. We've been in operation since 1960, designing and manufacturing products for the food and beverage industry. Back in 1960, Bob Sokolski and Hal Conarro started a coin-operated laundry business. They called it "Whirley Wash," after the motion the machines made as they cleaned. Success soon followed! It wasn’t long before Bob and Hal decided to parlay their good fortune into another arena: car washes. Sparkle Car Washes–a chain of coin operated sites–was soon born. They even started to design their own equipment and started supplying hundreds of other car washes!
Looking for a fresh challenge, Bob and Hal turned their attention to plastics. Their new venture, Whirley Industries, stormed into the world of plastic promotional products for the food and beverage industry and became the company of its kind in the country!

Whirley Industries produced a 50 year celebratory brochure. The whole brochure can be seen here:


The significant page for the Cow Creamer is this one.

Case: Portadyne transistor radio AIBDC: 0_2180