Time Beam torch

Selected because it is an intriguing concept and being a registered design there is a starting point.

Time  Beam torch
Case number - AIBDC : 0_3129
A small key ring torch with settings to project a light beam or the time. When the torch is set to 'T' it projects the time and when set to 'L' it shines a light only. It is made from translucent polypropylene so the internal workings can be seen.
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
ManufacturerUnknown - Wanted
Date1999 (circa) - Wanted
Dimensionslength 83 mm, width 25 mm, height 39 mm
Materialsplastic, PP, polypropylene
Methodinjection moulded
Inscription"UK Reg. 2021256"
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Time Beam torch AIBDC : 0_3129 Clever idea but how useful is it?

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