Jam dish

Selected because we have a number of Embee products and its such a memorable design.

Jam dish
Case number - AIBDC : 003463
A spherical jam dish named after the Russian satellite, Sputnik.
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designerUnkown - Wanted
ManufacturerMendle Brothers
Date1957- 1959 (circa) - Wanted
Materialsplastic, PS, polystyrene
Methodinjection moulded
InscriptionMoulded: "mb.Embee products. Made in Britain" underside
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Jam dish AIBDC : 003463 How cool a design is that?


An interesting design reminiscent of the space age. It could be a prototype lunar module! I found the colour strange for a jam dish - but must confess I could not think of a better alternative.

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Case notes

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Jam dish: Case AIBDC : 003463

We have seen a version of this jam dish packaged with the title Sputnik: http://www.markhillpublishing.com/what-happens-if-you-cross-a-jam-pot-wi.... Chief Agent Holdsworth found another example with the title Apollo:http://10most.org.uk/artefact/tray-floral-motif. Another object from the Mendle Brothers firm. What can you tall us about it?