Bunch of tulip-shaped lights

Seasonal flower and something real flowers can't do. It didn't just happen. It must have been someone's idea.

Bunch of tulip-shaped lights
Case number - AIBDC : 004562
A set of 20 tulip shaped lights, from the 2000s, made of injection moulded PE. Each of the flowers in the bunch has a small fairy light bulb in the centre.
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Countrydesigner - Wanted
CountryUnknown - Wanted
Dimensionslength 300 mm, width 270 mm
Materialsplastic, PE, polyethylene, polythene
Methodinjection moulded
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Bunch of tulip-shaped lights AIBDC : 004562 A wonderful Easter posy and an image for National Garden Week. If only real flowers could shine like these. We want to know whose idea it was and when it was made.


Do you think each bunch was made up of the same number of each colour of tulip or were they strung together randomly?

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Case notes

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Bunch of tulip-shaped lights: Case AIBDC : 004562

An example of plastic flowers doing more than the real thing can. Not only will they never die, they will also light up your world. A brilliant idea. Whose was it?