Triangular cruet

Selected because it is a striking object and is a registered design in France.

Triangular cruet
Case number - AIBDC : 0_64442
A triangular combined salt and pepper pot. The base can be removed for easy filling, whilst the top section has a dividing wall to separate the salt and pepper contents. A cover at the top can be moved from one side to the other to expose the desired condiment.
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designerUnknown - Wanted
ManufacturerUnknown - Wanted
Date1955 - 1969 (circa) - Wanted
Dimensionsheight 90 mm, width 70 mm, depth 55 mm
Materialsplastic, PP, polypropylene
Methodinjection moulded
Coloursorange, black
InscriptionMoulded: "Modele Depose gist. Made in France" (underneath base)
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Triangular cruet AIBDC : 0_64442 How elegant is that?


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Triangular cruet: Case AIBDC : 0_64442

Who knows about French design?