Travel toothbrush

Selected because 'the little pink toothbrush' was used as an example in the Ten Most Wanted funding application and is typical of the ordinariness of much of the MoDiP collection.

Travel toothbrush
Case number - PHSL : 334
A small pink toothbrush with a protective case which is also used as a handle, circa 1970s. The case is made of injection moulded polystyrene the brush is cellulose acetate.
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
ManufacturerUnknown - Wanted
CountryUnknown - Wanted
Date1970 - 1979 (circa) - Wanted
Dimensionslength 150 mm, width 13 mm, depth 20 mm
Materialsplastic, PS, polystyrene, CA, cellulose acetate
Methodinjection moulded
Colourspink, colourless
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PHSL : 334 Travel toothbrush This is one of the first objects to be added to the website and it featured in every presentation we made about the project.


This is one of my favourite objects in the collection. I remember having one of these travel toothbrushes when I was a kid, though not a pink one.


Was yours made of plastic? I sort of imagine your childhood possessions being fashioned from wood or pewter ;)


Actually not; here on the mainland we were using plastic by then.


Forgot to mention, find it here:


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Fancy no one yet being interested in this to me such a nostalgic object.

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