Swan electric jug kettle

This Swan electric jug kettle was selected to introduce relatively modern electrical goods into the mix. To find the designer may involve delving into the Swan company archives.

Swan electric jug kettle
Case number - AIBDC : 0_2516
This kettle has a beige painted metal body decorated with a brown herb design and has a brown compression moulded phenol formaldehyde handle and an injection moulded plastic lid.
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
Date1970 - 1996 (circa) - Wanted
Dimensionsheight 200 mm, width 220 mm, depth 130 mm
Materialsplastic, PF, phenol formaldehyde, bakelite - generic term
Methodsinjection moulded, compression moulded
Colourscream, brown
Inscription"Cat.No. 00195 1.7 Litres. 240V - 2.2 K.W. 50Hz Made in England. Swan Housewares Ltd. 508" (base)
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Once more with the kettle this time from Windows


AIBDC : 0_2516 We are trying to find out who designed it and when it was made. More here: http://10most.org.uk/artefact/swan-electric-jug-kettle


Mainly metal, I know but important plastic pieces that make it work. Such a memory.... surely also for others... who can tell us about it?


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Ian15.mdx has had a go at this. He writes: 'Regarding the Swan Kettle I wrote to Swan Products Ltd. but they now only own the brand name. I spoke to Claire Massey from their customer service and she told me that there is nothing left from the original Swan Electricals company. No archive no nothing. And no digital legacy. (There is a kettle museum but they do not have one). ' Can anyone prove him wrong?

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