Reusable carrier bag

This bag is made of 100% recycled polyethylene and is intended to be re-used. It was selected thus for its sustainability and to celebrate #EarthDay.

Reusable carrier bag
Case number - AIBDC : 005895
A reusable carrier bag made from recycled polythene, from the 2000s. This large, floral patterned carrier bag has a gusset at the base and heat welded side seams. The top edge of the bag is strengthened by a double thickness of polythene on to which are heat welded two wide polythene handles. Shoppers are encouraged to make use of such bags by offering the reward of 'Green Clubcard Points' with every use at the Tesco supermarket.
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
Manufactured forTesco
Dimensionsheight 440 mm, width 440 mm
Materialsplastic, PE, polyethylene
Methodheat welded
Colourswhite, blue, multi-coloured
Inscriptionprinted: "Re-use this bag and collect Green Clubcard Points. Tesco. Every little helps. Made from 100% recycled polythene. " (lower edge), printed: "This bag is made from 100% recycled polythene. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children." (base)

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Reusable carrier bag AIBDC: 005895 We know it was made for Tesco but by whom and who decided on the shape of the bag and drew its decoration? Can you help us? See what we find out here:


Maybe I'm missing something here, but surely Tesco PR would help ?


We haven't had any luck.


There's usually a maker's mark or code somewhere on the seams or base fold in case of manufacturing defects. They're printed in micropoint and are difficult to spot. Sometimes they are imprinted heatmark numbers and in some cases printed with uv ink. Worth taking a look, anyway.


Thank you for that - we will.


We've taken a look at the bag and you are right Rupert it has the following lettering in yellow on the bottom seam of the bag: 2296 23/07. Elsewhere on the bag it says: For replacement only P.L.U. 260 –Poppies. I don't know how to interpret this, though. Do you?


Suspect it goes like this: 23/07 is day and month; 2296 could be a manufacturer code (most large companies give suppliers numbers) P.L.U. could be plastic laminate unit or similar (it probably refers to the type of material used to make the bag); 260 the design number and Poppies is its name (even though they don't look like poppies). Alternatively, PLU 260 could be the till code for when they swap an old one for a new one, so they can check how long the bags are lasting. Someone in Tesco will have the relevant code numbers. The problem is in identifying who that is...


Goodness that was quick - Thank you so much. Do you think a letter to Tesco's for attention of their Design Department might yield something?


Yup. Start with the press office, who should be able to hunt down the right person (and get a positive story out of it).


Thank you Rupert. We will do that.

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Reusable carrier bag: Case AIBDC: 005897

We know it was made for Tesco but by whom and who decided on the shape of the bag and drew its decoration? Can you help us?