Rabbit egg cup

Chosen as a topical item and another Mendle Brothers product in an attempt to sort out the role of Julius Mendle in the firm.

Rabbit egg cup
Case number - AIBDC : 006396SA
An egg cup with a rabbit holding the cup
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
ManufacturerMendle Brothers
Date1950 - 1959 (circa)
Dimensionsheight 75 mm, width 45 mm, length 75 mm
Materialsplastic, PS, polystyrene
MethodInjection moulded
InscriptionMoulded: Made in Britain
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Rabbit egg cup AIBDC : 006396SA Someone must have modeled this charming rabbit. Do you know who that could have been?


Sadly this charming Easter egg cup is moving to cold cases. Still you can always find it there.

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Case notes

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Rabbit egg cup: Case 006396SA

Another Mendle Brothers product. Again we are after the designer. Could it have been designed by the same person as the tray?