Pink hair brush

Selected as an object made by British Xylonite: we have 30 other objects by the same manufacturer and information about one may help to unearth information about the others.

Pink hair brush
Case number - AIBDC : 006347SA
A dressing table hair brush with a round head in light pink and a straight handle in a darker pink. The MoDiP collection includes a hand mirror to the same design.
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
ManufacturerBritish Xylonite
Date1938 (circa) - Wanted
Dimensionslength 190 mm, width 90 mm, depth 35 mm
Materialsplastic, Xylonite, CN, cellulose nitrate
Methodsthermoformed, fabricated with adhesive
Inscriptionmoulded: "Made in England" (underside of handle)
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WANTED: information on the pink hair brush. Who designed it, and when? The leads we have so far.... possibly made by British Xylonite around 1938.


AIBDC : 006347SA, find it here,


From an era when firms had names like 'British Xylonite'. Someone must have designed it, help us to find out who.




definitely Xylonite 1938 - it's in their 1938 catalogue as new and called 'Orchid'


Hey Colin - that's brilliant. And to have it here on fb. I know I have wonderful images in an email and will upload them shortly.


and inside the cover:


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MoDiP turns out to have two other pieces from 'Orchid Toilet Ware': the hand mirror ( and the dressing table tray ( . That means two more objects better documented.


An interesting development of this project is how it is marrying up material in the PHS library with artefacts in its collection. See this message from ian15.mdx: 'two scans from a 1938 Xylonite catalogue used by a Xylonite salesman and now in the PHS library. The catalogue has been re-bound with other papers by the salesman, and annotated with prices, so as to be used as a working document. The Orchid pattern Ladies Fitted Cases show five examples of inclusion of the hairbrush.'


And another from the same.

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Case notes

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Pink hair brush, Case AIBDC: 006347SA

British Xylonite confirmed as manufacturer of 'Orchid' hairbrush


 Plastician has sent these brilliant images of Xylonite's 1938 catalogue confirming both the manufacturer and date of manufacture. It also tells us that it was part of a toilet set titled 'Orchid Set' consisting of seven pieces made also in blue and green.

Sales man's catalogue discovered in PHS library


Ian15.mdx has found this saleman's catalogue which shows how the brush was built into a range of different sets at different prices.

We still don't know who designed it. Does anyone know anyone with inside knowledge of British Xylonite?