Ice bucket and tongs

This is a striking object about which we know little other than it was made in Australia. We are hoping the down under members of the Plastics Historical Society might help us to learn more about it.

Ice bucket and tongs
Case number - AIBDC : 0_6445
A turquoise, white and silver coloured ice bucket and tongs set. The ice bucket has a dribbled silver pattern and a inner liner with drainage holes in the bottom.
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
ManufacturerUnknown - Wanted
Date1900 - 1990 - Wanted
Dimensionsheight 150 mm, diameter 140 mm
Materialsplastic, unidentified - Wanted
Methodunknown - Wanted
Coloursblue, silver, white
Inscription"Made in Australia"
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AIBDC:0_6445 Marble effect ice bucket with matching blue tongs


That is cool. I'm guessing 1950s, maybe 60s? We know it was made in Australia, so we're definitely going to need help with this one. See:


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Adele Schaverien is searching on the project's behalf on the other side of the world. She writes of this ice bucket, of which all we knew was that it was made in Australia: 'I have already made some enquiries regarding the ice bucket and two friends tell me they remember them, one in red the other in an olive green. I have a couple of ideas for tracking down the information you seek but I do not ‘do’ Facebook so I will have to send the information direct to you.'


Adele is correct about the green one, found this on Aussie eBay.


Adele Schaverein, who lives in Australia, has been quietly working away on this object. She has found it in a number of different colourways of which this is one. Others can be seen in the evidence locker and she has found out that it is made of polystyrene and this tells us that it is injection moulded. The scientific report and her report on the case is available in full in the evidence locker: . Mammoth efforts to find the designer have failed showing how difficult that can be. Altogether though it is a brilliant result. Thank you so much Adele.

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Case notes

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Australian connection

Has anyone got connections to a friend in Australia who may be able to help here?

News from Australia: made of polystyrene


Adele Schaverein, who lives in Australia, has had the material of a bucket in another colour way analysed and we now know it is polystyrene and that the bucket is injection moulded.  She has moved mountains to find the designer with out success. Read her efforts in the Evidence Locker and enjoy these different colourways.

It would be so wonderful to find the designer...