Bright green watering can

A modern anonymous item made in China – it would be really good if we could find people who have knowledge of plastics manufacturing in China.

Bright green watering can
Case number - AIBDC : 005340
A bright green watering can for indoor use, dating from the 2000s, designed with flowing lines between the handle and the spout. This watering can is made of polypropylene, which is light, strong, flexible and is similar to polyethylene but with a greater rigidity.
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DesignerUnknown - Wanted
ManufacturerUnknown - Wanted
Date2006 (circa) - Wanted
Dimensionsheight 245 mm, width 345 mm, depth 105 mm
Materialsplastic, polypropylene, PP
Methodinjection moulded
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AIBDC : 005340 A bright green watering can. Wonder if they came with a free pair of sunglasses.


That's a beautiful design.


Yes it is. We'd like to find out where it was manufactured and who designed it. Go to


Dr Carole Morris has contacted MoDiP with information that certainly starts the ball rolling: 'Thought this was familiar. I have one of these: Seems to have been designed on the same lines. This was designed by Monika Mulder. Made in Lithuania. Carole Morris (Dr) PHS member'


I'm afraid the watering can in question is less angular. Can anyone move us on from here? Nothing is known about it except what you see other than that it was made in China. So many things that we know so little about were made in China. It would be interesting to hear from designers who are having their products made in China.


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Where to start

Made in China, but perhaps not designed there - does anyone have the packaging for one of these?